ATACS (Associates or Tunisia Air Cooperation & Services) is an agreed Airline representation and services supervision established in September 1996. We have consolidated our position as a reputable company, strengthening the annual number of operations and passengers served, with an approach of quality and efficiency that passengers will experience from the very first moment they step into the airport.

We are representing some of the world’s premier Passenger and Cargo Airlines in Tunisia for over two decades of experience and the know-how of our team, allow us to offer the best experience for your passengers, with the efficient and effective management YOU, as our customer, request and recognize.

Why Choose Us ?

Our services include airlines management and supervision, delay hospitality,documentation issues,meet and greet and processing excess baggage charges.

Our Services

We specialize in obtaining all types of permits and authorizations, in providing critical decision-making and Flight Watch of your operations, arranging the contracting of services with any third party, managing the access to any available incentives and attending all your specific needs.

Manage and ensure safe, cost-effective airport operation.

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Perform all administrative duties: prepare, forward and file reports.

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Provide representative functions on behalf of the Carrier.

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Our unique team of service specialists performs all aspects of passenger service functions from check-in to dispatching flights on a safe and timely manner.

We are experienced professionals in ramp and cargo handling, we maintain close liaison with the Ground Handlers and ensure proper execution of formalities to the satisfaction of our partners.

Our staff are trained and dedicated to ensure our customers enjoy smooth operations both on the ground and in the air.

Passenger Services

Incoming passenger acceptance and guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit,
Lost, damaged and transfer baggage processes of incoming passengers (if any),
Outgoing passenger acceptance for flight and baggage processes,
Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft,
VIP, unaccompanied minors and special care to passenger services,
Specially trained personnel for passengers with reduced mobility.

Load Control and Communication Services

Coordination of aircraft servicing units.
Preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, manifest, weather forecast, flight plan etc.).
Load control, weight and balance calculations.
Transmission and reception of all operational messages, notification of all related units.
Communication and coordination between aircraft and ground services.

Ramp Services

Meeting aircraft and passengers and crew.
Offloading and loading the aircraft.
Equipment supply.
Provision of all available Ground services equipments, GPU, ASU, ACU, Push-Back.
Interior cleaning, catering storage, refueling with passengers on board safety procedures.
Provision of toilet and water services to the aircraft.
Passenger and crew transport between aircraft and passenger terminals.

General Aviation Terminal Service

We have started to provide best quality services to our valuable customers in the General Aviation Terminal where services are provided for the private business jets. We have positioned ourselves in these particularly important areas:

Ramp service vehicles in order to provide all kinds of services for the aircrafts.
Passenger service staff ready to provide passage of the passengers and the crew through the terminal in the fastest and the easiest way.


The demanding and periodical training of our staff, based on the principles of Security, Quality and Customer Service, guarantees the efficacy and efficiency of our first class service.
We provide nearly-dedicated staff, who is always up to date with all our customer airlines procedures and policies. Aside from an unrivaled on time performance, we focus strictly on providing the image and service each airline wants to have at the airport. Our goal is to make the passenger believe it is the own airline who assist them on the ground